Danielle Go

︎︎︎  Call me, Danni! (she/her)

I’m a designer particularly interested in branding, identity design, editorial/publication design, and typography.

When I’m not designing, you’ll most likely find me coffee shop hopping, finding new restaurants to try, or most definitely listening to K-Pop. 

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  @godannigo / @danni.go
︎︎︎  daniellebeatrizdgo@gmail.com
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Based in Manhattan, NY

︎︎︎ Currently working remotely as a Jr. Brand Strategist + Graphic Designer at Scallion Pancake NYC

Real Things People

Project: Branding, Identity, Publication Design
Date: Fall 2020
According to Metahaven’s Uncorporate Identity, corporate objects are “impersonal and cold”. A brand personality, which is “supposed to humanize the abstractions of organization,” can only go so far in bridging itself and what it represents. With their idea of Iconoclasm, that “beneath the cover is a void… rather than the Real Thing,” it suggests that branding has lost its authenticity. It has become a form of commodification, a label meant to be slapped on top of an object, only the object has become the consumer. Real Things People aims to shift this perspective by giving form to the relationship between a brand identity and a personal identity.

The publication features a survey of questions that were given to different brand users, who each chose a brand they personally aligned with, with each of their spreads being personalized in accordance to the visual identity of their chosen brand. Instead of just being seen as a product label, branding has the potential to be a patch to one’s personal identity—something not meant to perfectly conceal the voids in one’s lifestyle, but rather fill these gaps to aid in strengthening their ideal self-image.