Danielle Go

︎︎︎  Call me, Danni! (she/her)

I am a designer particularly interested in branding, identity design, editorial/publication design, and typography.

When I’m not designing, you can find me behind my film camera, glued to Depop, re-arranging my home decor, or making creative content on Instagram for fun. 

Let’s connect!
  @godannigo / @danni.go
︎︎︎  daniellebeatrizdgo@gmail.com
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︎ Based in Manhattan, NY

New Dawn

Project: Branding, Identity
Date: Fall 2019
New Dawn is a commercial space travel company for intergalactic travelers. The brand embodies technological innovation and a forward-looking mindset through bold typography and color; a witty tone and voice; and decked-out space gear that makes the space travel all the more fun.