Danielle Go

︎︎︎  Call me, Danni! (she/her)

I am a designer particularly interested in branding, identity design, editorial/publication design, and typography.

When I’m not designing, you can find me behind my film camera, glued to Depop, re-arranging my home decor, or making creative content on Instagram for fun. 

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  @godannigo / @danni.go
︎︎︎  daniellebeatrizdgo@gmail.com
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︎ Based in Manhattan, NY

In My Day

Project: Branding, Identity
Date: Fall 2019
In My Day is a fun and playful beauty company that brings senior women clarity on the right skin products for them, illuminating the glowing beauty they have always had.

Though it may be a very hip and modernized approach to the senior citizen demographic, specific design decisions were made to ensure the brand is approachable and friendly for these women to feel comfortable and welcomed. The choices in typography and color palette are meant to evoke a retro yet youthful energy, which is what In My Day aims to instill in their customers. This playful energy is extended in the wavy graphic elements, which was created with the idea of wrinkles, except instead of seeing it as a sign of aging, it is a sign of vitality.