Danielle Go

︎︎︎  Call me, Danni! (she/her)

I’m a designer particularly interested in branding, identity design, editorial/publication design, and typography.

When I’m not designing, you’ll most likely find me coffee shop hopping, finding new restaurants to try, or most definitely listening to K-Pop. 

Let’s connect!
  @godannigo / @danni.go
︎︎︎  daniellebeatrizdgo@gmail.com
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Based in Manhattan, NY

︎︎︎ Currently working remotely as a Jr. Brand Strategist + Graphic Designer at Scallion Pancake NYC

Core Empath Corp

Project: Branding, Identity, Publication Design
Date: Fall 2020-Spring 2021
Core Empath Corp is the first and only benefit corporation that identifies empathetic businesses and certifies them as Core Empaths. The OTA-bound brand manual contains collected brand user interviews that explore what it means to be an empathetic brand and what brands can do to be more empathetic.

With Core Empath Corp, more light can be shed on the need for more empathy among company leaders, designers at brand agencies, and, above all else, within ourselves. It is through mindful acts of empathy that conscious consumption regarding how money is spent and to whom it is invested in can be instilled. For an investment towards the planet is an investment in the people—ourselves and the future generations to come.